A Dozen Marketing Tips

Kindra Gordon wrote a nice article on the key to successful marketing of calves for the Hereford World Magazine.  Below are the 12 points that were made:

1.  Provide Historical Performance Data on previous calf crops

2.  Use BVD PI Testing

3.  Wean and Background Calves for 30 to 45 Days

4.  Sell Heavier Calves (consider growing out to 800 to 900 pounds)

5.  Offer Truckload Lots

6.  Participate in Preconditioning Program (encourages use of a good vaccination program)

7.  Participate in an Age and Source Verification Program (BBU has one now)

8.  Participate in a Natural Verification Program (calves not given antibiotics or implants)

9.  Participate in an Organic Verification Program (difficult to qualify for)

10. Participate in a Non-Hormone Treated Cattle Program (no implants for EU export)

11. Participate in a Breed-Based Branded Program (Nolan Ryan Tender Program)

12. Contract your Calves

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